Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services Overview

At Egypt Web Solutions, we follow a PPC Management (Pay per Click Advertising) methodology that is designed to help clients achieve their Search Engine Marketing goals. PPC management is a kind of advertising, where you pay for a completed action .The main feature of PPC marketing is that you get an immediate effect from your PPC advertising campaign . When it comes to paid advertising, or PPC, there a few pros and cons to take into consideration. First, let's take a look at the good reasons for instituting a pay-per-click campaign:

  • You'll get results in just 1-2 days
  • You have the ability to turn it off at any moment
  • If it's well-planned, PPC can generate a lot of web traffic quickly
  • Ability to set budget limits for PPC advertising
  • Robot.txt Creation

So what about the negatives of PPC campaigns? Here's a few to consider:

  • PPC is more expensive per visitor
  • There are fewer impressions and exposure
  • Traffic can be mostly people looking for something other than what you're selling
  • PPC traffic goes away as soon as you stop spending

Right now there are two main PPCs, Yahoo Search Solutions and Google Adwords. Many other search engines use their search results to augment their own listings.

PPC campaign creation and set-up

Our team will assist you to identify your business goals, target market and competitors.
Our campaign creation process consists of four steps:

Keyword research

We collect information about your business, your website, your marketing materials and any useful data from you to identify the most important keywords.

Competitor research

We analyze your competitors' websites and use 3rd party tools to research and identify keywords they are advertising online

Keyword selection

Keywords are then grouped into themes and ad groups.keywords that are harmful to the campaigns are added as negative keywords.

Account structuring

  • the campaign structure is determined based on your business goals, the keywords data and other relevancy factors
  • Your campaigns are set up based on your marketing budget and other relevant factors
  • The content of landing pages is reviewed to ensure it's highly relevant to the targeted keywords
  • geo targeting and language options are set properly
PPC Management & Optimization

Our team will work with you to best understand and obtain relevant information about your business goals, target market, competitors and the industry.

  • Plan and develop proper advertising campaign structure
  • Initiate thorough analysis of your business, competitive and customer environment
  • Change campaign aspects inline with current performances
  • add new keywords to target customers across different stages
  • Quality Score (QS) of keywords being advertised is high
  • landing page content is relevant to the keywords being advertised
  • negative keywords are included to filter unwanted traffic
  • keywords with negative ROI are paused or removed
  • Verify proper keyword phrase-ad copy-landing page relevancy and alignment
  • Plan, design and implement campaign bid strategy
  • Create proper ad group structures with relevant keyword phrases
  • Establish and monitor PPC account settings
  • Generate monthly PPC Dashboard Report
  • ad scheduling and ad serving options are set properly
  • Implement funnel and conversion tracking mechanisms
  • Provide recommendations to optimize landing pages
Pay Per Click Management Pricing

we follows a traditional pricing model with a management fee as a percent of the month spend (10% to 20% depending on spend). We also have packages for flat fee models and performance models depending on the scope of the project and other services provided.

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